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Renewal and Revocation of the license

# Renewal and Revocation of the license
1 Renewing a Business License
2 A business license is valid for 1 year from the day it is issued. Business Owners have the option of renewing a license for two or threee years.

Important Note: Business owner should renew his/her business license well before the license expiration date. Once the license has expired, renewal will be subject to fines.

3 Complete tax payments are also required for license renewal.

The business owner should ensure that all taxes are paid either to the taxpayer's office in Kabul or to the relevant revenue collection departments (Mastufiats) in the provinces. A Tax Clearance Certificate is required at the time of license renewal.

4 License renewal requirements are as follows:
5 The Physical presence of one of the founders or his/her legal representative
6 The tax clearance documents.

 (Tax Clearance Certificate) from the taxpayers' office in Kabul or the revenue collection departments (Mastufiats) in the provinces (for the years the business license was active)

7 The original business license

If the license is missing, evidence of the missing document must be submitted.

8 Two Photographs (3x4 cm) of founder(s) and shareholders.
  • Include a full face, front view and open eyes
  • Make sure photo presents full head from top of hair to shoulders
  • Take the photo in a plain white or off-white background
  • Avoid shadows on the face or background
  • Face in the photo should have a natural expression (closed mouth)
  • Photos should not include sunglasses or hats
  • The contrast and lighting in the the photo should be normal
9 The License renewal fee
10 Making changes to a Business License
11 Changes to a business license must be made in the event of the following:
  • Changes to the company name
  • Changes to the company's founders and/or shareholders
  • Change company's address (in the presence of the company's president or deputy)
  • A business sector is added to the company's scope of work
  • A merger of two or more companies
  • An increase in the company's capital (in the case of expanded activites)
  • The death of a founder or shareholder
  • In the above-mentioned changes section, the physical presence of the founders/shareholders or their legal attorney is mandatory.
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