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Integrated Circuit

Integrated Circuit

Integrated circuits are microelectronics generators that provide electronics and are in their final or intermediate stage, consisting of at least one active element with internal connection components on a single plate. It is worth mentionable that an integrated circuit is different form layout designs of integrated circuits, that sometimes causes confusions, therefore, a definition is required here:

A three-dimensional construction design is an element, of which at least one element is active. Some or all of the integrated internal circuit connections and such a three-dimensional design prepared for integrated circuits for production purposes

The design of integrated circuits is very important due to the lack of technology and materials, especially in the commercial operation sector, which is used for various purposes.

Integrated circuits are used as computer memory circuits and microprocessors. They are used in the equipment used by manufacturers and processors to improve production efficiency. They are also used in many familiar and household items and products like Phones, cars, aircraft, and radios.

A layout design is considered original if it is the result of the creators own intellectual effort and if it is not commonplace among creators of layout designs and manufacturers of integrated circuits at the time of its creation

The applicant or his/her legal representatives may submit an application for registration of integrated circuits in ACBRIP using the special form prepared by the office.

The application must contain the followings:

·         Name and the address of the owner.

  • A completed application form and fee
  • Proof of the right to apply; and
  • A drawing of the layout-design together with information defining the electronic the function which the integrated circuit is intended to perform
  • Other documents and information deemed necessary.

1- The construction plan is protectable, after registration in the registry office (ACBRIP).

2- The construction plan is supported after the completion of the following conditions:

  •         Must be the main construction plan.
  •        The owner or his/her legal representative, before the first commercial operation in the world or during the two years after the date of commercial operation, has submitted the request for registration of the construction plan to the registration office.
  •        The construction plan, consisting of ordinary elements and internal connections is supported only if it is generally original.
  •     Whenever integrated circuits are integrated or not, the construction plan shall be registered and protected in accordance with the provisions of the law.




Re-exclusive right:

1.    The owner of the protected construction plan has the exclusive right to reproduce and grant the permission to reproduce the construction project to another person in general or in part. The right of reproduction includes a plan to build support in integrated circuits or to reproduce it in another way.

2.    The owner has the exclusive right to purchase, sell and distribute the following items to the business or transfer permission to another person:

a.          Supported the construction plan.

b.          Integrated circuits attached to the supported design.

c.          A device or element connected to an integrated circuit shall not be subject to the condition that the continuation of the integrated circuit does not contain an illegal manufacturing plan. Prohibition of exclusive rights:

1.          The exclusive right to re-manufacture referred to in paragraph (1) of Article 17 of this Law shall not be applicable if it is contrary to the concept of the original construction plan.

3.    If another person reproduces the protected construction design without the owner's permission, the violation of paragraph (1) of Article 17 of this law shall not be considered, provided that the said production is for personal use, analysis or research only.1.       If a person other than the owner has created the original construction plan based on the analysis, the said person may, without violating the owner's rights, perform the following actions in the protected construction plan:

1-    Connecting the main construction plan in integrated circuits.

2-    Reproduction of the construction plan by connecting it to integrated circuits or by other means.

3-    Monitoring, selling and distributing construction plans to trade or connecting the main construction project in integrated circuits.