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Foreign licenses are of two types, one is obtaining a license to represent foreign companies and the second is obtaining a license for foreign nationals in a normal way;
# The following documents are required to represent Foreign Companies Sample
1 Physical presence of partners or legal power of attorneys who have legal representation
2 Presenting a document approving the General Assembly of the company's shareholders to establish a representative office of the company in Afghanistan


3 Approval and certification of sectoral departments in case of obtaining a sectoral license
4 Company Articles of Association
  • The above documents were confirmed by the Afghan Embassy in the relevant country of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Or from the Ministry of Industry and Trade's business fire series
  • Or, after the approval of the relevant Chamber of Commerce of the relevant country, it should be sent to the attachment of an official letter

# The following documents are required for obtaining a license on a regular basis by Foreign Nationals. Sample
1 Colored Copy of the passport with the Afghanistan visa


2 In the presence of the applicant or his / her legal counsel for the purpose of documenting and obtaining a fingerprint in the documents,


3 Study document in case of obtaining an advisory license


4 Obtaining information about the irresponsibility of a foreigner from the Interpol police


5 Praise and approval of the sectoral departments in case of obtaining a sector license
6 Bank Statment
    • The bank statement for individual entrepreneurs are 500,000 Afghanis and for companies are 1,000,000 Afghanis.

    * The following organizations are not required to provide bank documents:
    1- kindergardens
    2- Schools
    3- Agricultural Cooperatives
    4- Handicrafts
    5- Agricultural companies produce vegetables and fruits
    6- Processing and packaging companies for vegetables and fruits